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Advancing individual liberty and economic resiliency through technological innovation and strategic intelligence.


Managing Disruptive Technological Innovation | Providing Strategic Intelligence

Starfish Insight represents the most forward thinking and adaptive innovators and investors on the planet (and some in orbit). Starfish Insight specializes in tailoring innovation and investment strategies to thrive and progress through the next ten to twenty years of major technological disruption with minimized cyber and economic risk and maximized return on investment. We provide due diligence for investors in complex scientific and technical topics and guide strategic investments in groundbreaking intellectual property assets which will yield gains and hold value through periods of global instability and disruptive global change. Our consultants guide innovation teams toward productive outcomes and align scientific and technical work to core business strategies.

Our consultants come from backgrounds in Physics, Engineering, Defense, Intelligence, Social Sciences, and The Arts; blending left brain and right brain thinking to navigate extremely complex challenges through major developments of exponentially disruptive technologies.

The world has experienced incredible change since the dawning of the information age. These changes will occur more rapidly and profoundly over the next few decades and many industries and governments will be disrupted. Starfish Insight will prepare your organization for these disruptions and tailor a plan for you to adapt and strengthen your enterprise by utilizing and incorporating these profound technological innovations.




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Science and Technology +
Strategic Intelligence

Intelligence is vitally important in crafting great strategy. As technology advances exponentially, it will become increasingly difficult to understand the landscape of change and disruption that will reshape certain industries. Companies and governments who can adapt to and understand this complex, technological change will be the only ones to survive and thrive through this exponentially disruptive era. With experience and success in the vitally important arenas of Defense and Global Security, Starfish Insight can gather scientific and technical intelligence to inform your best strategic decisions. 

Distributed Ledger Technologies +
Blockchain Integration

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) are dramatically changing the landscape of many industries. DLT will be as transformative as the Internet to both cyberspace and to fundamental economics. Many are calling this new architecture "The Internet of Value". Countless startups are emerging with their own cryptocurrencies to raise money, but they have forgotten the historical and geopolitical significance of creating new currencies. Governments are now taking aim at these companies and taking great notice in how to weaponize cryptocurrencies for us in their own economic defense. Let us show you how Blockchain and DLT will impact your business or enterprise and form a strategy to adapt and ride the disruptions and maximize your position in the future. 

Research Commercialization +
Technology Transfer

Incredible advances in science and technology are happening in research labs around the world. Often, these breakthroughs are under-utilized because no strategy has been developed for commercialization or transfer to corporate or government programs. Starfish Insight has a proven track record of understanding how to bridge the gap between basic research and the commercialization or transfer of new science and technology, integrating seamlessly into corporate or government strategies and enhancing objectives or profits. Starfish Insight also maintains a network of science and technology investors and supporters to facilitate the development of innovative products and services from basic research.


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